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Should you choose an Optimus Crux or Optimus Nova?  There are many excellent camp stoves featured on our website; we make sure to carry the best brands to fit the needs of our customers. We feature a number of high quality Optimus stoves, including the Optimus Crux stove and the Optimus Nova stove, which are both well-known in the industry as great camp stoves. We also have many other camp stoves like the Stansport stove and the Stansport 2 burner stove.  While the Optimus Crux and the Optimus Nova stove are great products, we invite you to explore all the camp stoves featured on our website whether you choose the Optimus Nova or another stove.
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Optimus Crux

Price: $49.95
Item#: 55187 Inventory Status
Available (1)


Optimus Crux Lite

Price: $39.95
Item#: 55188 Inventory Status
Available (10)


Optimus Crux w/Terra Weekend HE Cook Set

Price: $79.95
Item#: 55181 Inventory Status
Available (1)


Optimus Nova Plus Stove

Price: $159.95
Item#: 45507 Inventory Status
Available (10)


Optimus Nova Stove

Price: $149.95
Item#: 48515 Inventory Status
Available (10)


Optimus Optimus Hiker Plus Single Unit

Price: $219.95
Item#: 47686 Inventory Status
Available (10)


Optimus Svea

Price: $119.95
Item#: 48511 Inventory Status
Available (10)


Primus Express Butane Backpacker Stove

Price: $49.00
Item#: 61063 Inventory Status
Available (5)


Stansport Backpacker Mini Stove -Isobutane

Price: $24.00
Item#: 60510 Inventory Status
Available (3)


Stansport Single Burner Upright Prop Stove

Price: $33.00
Item#: 48249 Inventory Status
Available (5)


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